Terms & Conditions

Please select the product code number, which you require and tell us. We will send you the prices of items required. When you decide your purchases and quantity, we shall send you Performa Invoice for payment. We start work on your order when you confirm our Performa Invoice and send us payment.

Delivery Time
Delivery time of the goods for most items ranges is 30 to 60 days depending upon the quantity.

Delivery System
By Sea: The containers are stiffed at our city Agra dry port and less than container goods (LCL) are stiffed at New Delhi dry port and we send the goods from our place to New Delhi and finally they are send by sea from Bombay port.

By Air: Orders to be delivered by air are shipped from the Indira Gandhi International Airport (IGI Airport), New Delhi. We send the goods from our Warehouse Agra to New Delhi by road.

Shipping Information

1. In case of sea, either you pay at your port at the time of delivery or we can add the shipping cost & insurance cost in the Performa Invoice.

2. In case of air, either you provide us DHL /FedEx/Airborne/ TNT/UPS Courier account number OR we shall send you goods by these courier company (for home delivery) and will add the charges in Invoice.

3. We can also ship the goods from New Delhi Airport to your Air port. In this case we send the goods either fright collect basis or you can pay us and we shall charge into Performa invoice. We shall tell you the shipping charges by good Airlines (Cheaper Airline also on request) upto your Airport for which we need accurate International Airport name.

Packing Information
Most of the items are packed individually in small corrugated boxes and marked properly their product number. Small boxes are kept in a master cartoon up to weight of 15 to 20 kg. of master cartoon to become handy.

Our Bankers Address
Will be provided at the time of transferring of funds by T/T or by Swift Method (Wire Transfer) when you wish to place order.

We welcome any inquiry of the new customers and we do not find any inconvenient till their satisfaction. We accept any changes or alternation in the design of the items.